11 12, 2012

Holiday Depression: A Case of the Holiday Blues

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What is Holiday Depression or the Holiday Blues?
Hollywood, department stores, and the songs on the radio all tell us the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year.
However, for some people, the holidays can be a source of profound sadness and depression. People may feel sad during the holidays for a number of reasons. If a loved one has recently died or moved away, their absence for the first time during the holidays can be a significant source of sadness. Other causes of holiday blues include fatigue from over-commitment

10 05, 2012

Is It Bipolar or Depression?

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Do you suffer from bouts of severe depression? Do you seem to snap out of it for brief periods where you feel energetic, hyper, or even possibly exhilarated? Have you tried anti-depressants without success? Are you feeling there is little to no help out there for you? You may actually be suffering from Bipolar Disorder.
Approximately one in four people who actually have Bipolar Disorder are originally diagnosed with Depression. In many cases, it can take between 10-15 years of seeking professional help before an accurate diagnosis is made. The major difference between the two is that Depression is more of a constant state, where Bipolar Disorder fluctuates between depression and mania. The back and forth between these two stages can happen over a period of days or even weeks.
Those suffering from Bipolar Disorder typically don

22 03, 2012

Sleep Disorder: Case Study

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Jessica is a 48 year old successful corporate executive with a husband and 3 children. She has suffered from

25 01, 2012

Depression: Depression Success Story

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Cindy was a mother of two and working full time. She felt her marriage

20 12, 2011

Addiction: Addiction and Comorbid Disorders

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What Does Comorbidity Mean?
The term

13 12, 2011

Testimonial: Depression and Anxiety

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“Through my continued therapy,

4 11, 2011

Anxiety Disorder: Success Story

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This female client presented with complaints of moderate to severe depression, anxiety, confusion, fear, short-term memory loss, dysarticulation and difficulty concentrating. She was living with Anxiety Disorder. She was struggling to function as the owner/operator of a small consulting firm. After she completed approximately four months of

3 11, 2011

Depression: Depression Case Study

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This case involved a thirty-seven year old female who complained of depression with periods of poor sleep, some mood fluctuations, extreme irritability, and occasional rages. The woman