Video Testimonial: Anxiety and Depression

Listen as one of our clients shares how neurofeedback helped her anxiety and depression!

Video Testimonial: ADD (AD/HD) and Behavioral Disorder

Listen as a clients’ mother shares how neurofeedback helped her daughter’s ADHD and behavior problems at home and at school!

What does the qEEG look like?

At Dallas Brain Changers, the qEEG (Brain Map) is no more invasive that putting on a swim cap!

What do I do during a neurofeedback training session?

For the  Dallas Brain Changer client, a neurofeedback session amounts to relaxing and watching a movie while Mindy communicates directly with the brain!

What do I do during the ADD (AD/HD) performance test?

There is no studying necessary for this simple ADD (AD/HD) performance test used by Dallas Brain Changers!

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