27 08, 2014

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?

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As parents post pictures of their children on this first day back to school, I can

24 07, 2014

Transformative Education and Mental Health

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Many children and teens struggle with mental health issues which can make traditional education a daily burden that aggravates symptoms. As the mother of a daughter who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 9th grade, I know all too well the stress of worrying about a child

2 07, 2014

ADHD: Interview on KVCE 1160 AM

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Dr. McClung was recently interviewed by Dyral McGriff and The

25 03, 2014

Peak PerformanceTestimonial from Producer and Creator of “Cheaters”

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18 03, 2014

Parent Testimonial for Dallas Brain Changers

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I’m am so excited to have found Stephanie and Mindy!!!
After 10 years of searching for an effective treatment for my son ( now 15 in 9th grade)

3 12, 2013

Help for Learning Disabilities

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Do you worry that your child doesn

19 11, 2013

Testimonial: Dyslexia and ADHD

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When attending a meeting with our child’s 1st grade teacher, we were told that it appears there was some sort of learning disability. All I could think was, “No. Not again.” She was our youngest and our fifth child to be told this.

We knew all too well the struggles that come from dyslexia & ADD. All of our children were tested and were found to have a high IQ, but they all had dyslexia. Dyslexia, outwardly, may look very different from a high IQ. No amount of accommodations make up for the high level of frustration these children deal wtih every day.

I had been told about neurofeedback. I did some research and found Dallas Brain Changers. I called and talked with Dr. McClung. She was very helpful, informative, and kind.

It was a big decision, as we live two hours away.

2 05, 2013

Exciting Progress on the Insurance Front: Is Neurofeedback Covered by Insurance?

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It has long been established that neurofeedback is an effective treatment without medication for many disorders. There are many research studies to support this fact. Additionally, insurance companies provide a CPT code for neurofeedback; in spite of this, there is an ongoing problem with insurance company refusal to reimburse for neurofeedback therapy.

ISNR and the Battle for Insurance Reimbursement:
Beginning in 2012, ISNR became involved in discussions with United Health Care on insurance reimbursement for neurofeedback. In a related effort, the ISNR Board of Directors commissioned Ed Pigott, PhD to author a white paper on a comprehensive meta-analysis comparing the effectiveness of neurofeedback to behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and stimulant medication for treatment of ADHD.
This white paper was created to fulfill several needs, the first being for a thorough documentation of neurofeedback efficacy that was presented to United Health Care during the insurance reimbursement meetings. Another need was for a comprehensive document that neurofeedback practitioners could access for insurance appeals and insurance parity requests on behalf of their clients. This paper also provides a current reference list of neurofeedback studies for ADHD, and it addresses issues related to appropriate research designs for learning-based treatments such as neurofeedback.
For access to the site, white paper, and insurance letter kit click: ISNR White Paper Insurance Reimbursement . You may print and send this to your provider to encourage coverage for neurofeedback or to assist in reimbursement for already paid services.

Apply your Flex Spending Account (FSA) to this Innovative, Effective Treatment!
Dallas Brain Changers Offers Treatment:
Dallas Brain Changers offers a full range of non-medication Holistic Medicine based treatments that include Neurofeedback and

11 04, 2013

ADHD: Does My Child Really Have It or Was ADHD Misdiagnosed? Pt 3 of 3

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What are other Dangers of Medication for Misdiagnosed ADHD?
A very typical treatment of ADHD involves use of medications such as Ritalin and other stimulants. A common side effect of these is insomnia

4 04, 2013

ADHD: Does My Child Really Have It or Was ADHD Misdiagnosed? Pt 2 of 3

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If It