Are You Ready for Real Changes in Your Life? Here’s How Dallas Brain Changers Can Help You!

Dallas Brain Changers offers an exciting and proven approach to help you find lasting relief from the symptoms of many disorders, including Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, ADD (AD/HD), Behavioral Disorders, and Learning Disability.  Call, text, or complete the Phone Consult form to your right to learn how we can help you today!

The combination of neurofeedback and counseling offer a powerful combination that effectively address unhealthy thought and behavior patterns. The results are lasting and do not require medication!

Our commitment to you is to provide treatment to help you and your family achieve improved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health without medication. Call or text today to get started!


The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.

~Kurdish Saying

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